Phantoms are mysterious entities that are believed to have originated as ghostly spirits or Yokai during their early phase of existence. As a result, similar to Yokai, Phantoms also possess unique character traits, personalities and belief systems.

In modern times it’s speculated they were able to transcend the spiritual realms into the virtual digital space. As a result, these entities now represent a difficult problem for humanity and have become a major focus of Abyss investigators.

Observations suggest they’re very capable of manipulating technology, internet networks and AI artificial intelligence systems. It’s not yet known how widely dispersed they’ve infiltrated global regions but there are certainly hotspots (e.g. Taiwan and other parts of Asia), where Phantoms seem to be manifesting and proliferating. Often investigators will find strange structures nearby that we have dubbed ‘SatNests‘, man made underground bunkers that broadcast weather forecasts.

Our leading theory is that these forecasts are some form of encoded communications somehow related to Phantoms.

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