The origins of the Abyss investigation started several years ago by The Source, Syndicate and Owen, now known as the Abyss ‘administrators’.

Formed by a mutual desire to expose the secrets of the Abyss, they set out in search of help from investigators from around the globe. Over time investigation teams have risen and fallen, some a result of bad luck and others by sabotage.

Investigators must always be aware not to trust anyone besides the administrators, the Source always has the final word. Those that ask the wrong questions are liable to a multitude of negative side effects from the Abyss including undesirable physical, mental or spiritual phenomenon.

Any investigator in search of the secrets of the Abyss signs a conscious agreement to enter the Abyss with no chance of return. As a result every investigator must be responsible, question every choice and assume all communications are under surveillance.

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