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    Investigation Community Chat

    You can use this chat to discuss more general topics relating to Immortal Abyss with fellow investigators. You may also be able to reach the Administrators here. IMPORTANT: Please follow the rules; Do not trust other investigators, only trust the Source. More

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    Yokai are “strange apparition”, a class of supernatural entities and spirits in Japanese folklore. Their behaviour can range from malevolent or mischievous to friendly, fortuitous, or helpful to humans. These beings often have animal features but may also appear humanoid in appearance. Others resemble inanimate objects or have no discernible shape. Typically they’re described as […] More

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    Taiwan is a country in East Asia. It sits at the junction of the East and South China Seas in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, neighbouring China to the northwest, Japan to the northeast, and the Philippines to the south. Home to several densely populated metropolitan cities, Taipei (the capital) borders new Taipei and Keelung. Other […] More

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    The Source, Syndicate and Owen are the 3 ‘Administrators’. These admin are the founders of the Abyss investigation dating back to ~ 2012. Each member has a specific role and works together to reach a common goal. In the event of internal conflicts between admin, these matters are to be kept private. Probing into the […] More

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    The origins of the Abyss investigation started several years ago by The Source, Syndicate and Owen, now known as the Abyss ‘administrators’. Formed by a mutual desire to expose the secrets of the Abyss, they set out in search of help from investigators from around the globe. Over time investigation teams have risen and fallen, […] More

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    The ‘Abyss’ is currently undefinable, a vast unknown. It may be a location, object, idea, event or an even greater mystery undescribable by modern human language. We only know the Abyss by name thanks to The Source and early work by the administrators. Any discovery must be reported back to the source with a high […] More

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    Who is Syndicate?

    Syndicate is the co-founder of the Abyss investigation, second only to The Source. Syndicate’s role is to provide mostly behind the scenes technical services to the investigation, This includes access to backend data and systems only accessible to privileged admins. Syndicate is not available for investigators to contact for the foreseeable future. More

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    Who is The Source?

    The Source is the founder and leader of the Abyss investigation. All research and data collected by investigators is passed onto the Source who determines a course of action accordingly. Any high-level decisions must be approved by the Source only. In the event of any symptoms or aberrations suspected as a result of participating in […] More

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    Who is Owen?

    Owen is one of the three original Abyss Investigators who works closely with the Source and Syndicate. Originally the goal was to remain anonymous (for security reasons). Once other investigators exposed Owens’ identity he was forced into going public and now acts as a messenger between the larger Abyss community and those spearheading the investigation. […] More

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    SatNests are secretive man made underground facilities, typically hidden underneath common looking residential, commercial or industrial structures. Most commonly they’re found under empty civilian buildings in densely populated cities or small huts scattered around desolate parts of Taiwan and other regions of Asia. These nests have been found to be broadcasting strange weather forecast signals, […] More

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    Phantoms are mysterious entities that are believed to have originated as ghostly spirits or Yokai during their early phase of existence. As a result, similar to Yokai, Phantoms also possess unique character traits, personalities and belief systems. In modern times it’s speculated they were able to transcend the spiritual realms into the virtual digital space. […] More