The Abyss Simulator is an emergent history turn based experience that allows our community to virtually investigate, make discoveries and strategically trade Abyss currency (scrap) for properties, upgrades and more.

To get started in the simulator you need to join us on Twitch and/or Discord and you’ll recieve some scrap to start making orders. Once you start spending and investing in more valuable assets, your territory will expand. Be careful though, there are anomalies, unknown phenomena and potentially hostile players/organisations that might be plotting against you.

Instant +100(s)

Delayed +100(s)

Note: If you’re not on the list you first need to join us on Twitch and/or Discord. If you’re only joining with us in Discord the add may take longer as your ID/scrap will be added manually during an update.

  • JOIN – Enter your info in the “Inititation Form” for some starter scrap
  • ORDERS – Purchase valuable properties & upgrades to gain territory and more earning potential
  • BETS – Enter bet !commands in live Twitch chat sesssions
  • NEGOTIATE – Ddiscuss deals with hosts, players and teams on Twitch / Discord
  • THEFT  – Break into vulnerable property and steal from your opposition

The role of ID’s is to allow players to easily target a specific user, property or area of land.

  • PLAYER ID – Players name / alias based on Twitch / Discord username
  • PROPERTY ID – A unique 9 digit code associated with all properties (e.g. 000 000 000)
  • LOCATION ID – An alphanumeric code marking areas of the map grid (e.g. A01 or F12)

If for example the player wishes to upgrade a specific building, inputting the [property ID] code with your orders helps to identify the exact building.

If you look closely on the map, you will also see a grid starting with A01. If the player wishes to research part of the map, inputting the [location ID] will isolate the research to that specific area.

The map is populated by players joining the Abyss, over time the map will grow denser with activity. Use your early adoption advantage wisely…

Territory is key to your success. The more valuable your upgrades and property is, the more territory you’ll gain on the map…

Territories that overlap might lead to frequent disputes, thefts and invasions…

Cargo is dropped off near your property once an order is delivered. Request to unload the contents into a secure property ASAP…

Communal real estate with earning potential will give you more scrap on each map update. Shared territory means split earnings!

Keep an eye on other players and map activity, the more aware you are of how the map is evolving, the more prepared you will be for hostile exchanges…

Your decision to expand out on the map or secure existing territory affects your ability to attack, defend, gather and deal with different situations as they happen…

In the Simulator unexpected events, weather, phantom activity and phenomena might occur at any moment. Look for clues and strategies accordingly…

Use access to players, teams and hosts to your advantage for trades, negotiations and advancing your position…

Explore the map for possible hidden areas, missions and quests…


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  • ImAbyss17th October 2018 at 5:39 pm

    Feel free to leave comments here, talk with other players or ask questions. You can also make requests if you wish to trade some scrap for property, upgrades, etc.

  • ImAbyss14th November 2018 at 8:20 pm

    – Enter your order(s) here in the comment section.
    – All orders added to the comment que and will be processed in order (may take up to 3 days).
    – Other players may upvote an order to boost it in the que.

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