Players: 2+

Game Time Limit: None

Total Deck Size: 100 cards


  • Players start with [100] tokens
  • Each turn starts with [1] card being drawn at random from the deck


  • Once a card is placed on the table, all players have [30 secs] to outbid each other with their tokens
  • The highest bidder (before the time limit ends) pays their bid and collects their card
  • Note: Cards that receive no bids will be stockpiled until the end game


  • After [10 cards] have passed the bidding stage, a [120 sec] negotiation break will begin. 
  • Note: During this time players may mutually agree upon any deal. This might include (but is not limited too) swapping cards, forfeiting, trading tokens or even teaming up.


  • Once the first negotiation period is over, the next round of bidding on the next [10 cards] begins. This process repeats before reaching the end game.


  • Once all [100 cards] have been bid on (or stockpiled), players must now use any leftover tokens to bid on the remaining stockpile in total. 
  • Note: Typically the player with the most leftover tokens will win the stockpile as there is no incentive to keep the leftover tokens.


  • The winning player is determined by:
  1. Total number of cards collected
  2. Sum of levels per card that were collected 
  3. Numbers of craft bonuses points
  • Any player with 2 or more of these win conditions wins the game. If players win 1 each it’s a draw.


  • “Level” Each card has a level score from 1(common) to 11(rare)
  • “Craft bonus” Each card lists other cards that if combined together score a craft bonus