Phantom Transmitter ( Generic Edition )


What is a “Phantom transmitter”?
Much like a “spirit box” device, we speculate phantoms will also be able to make contact through our app. It’s believed this is done possibly by manipulating words together to form speech. We encourage anyone interested (skeptical or not) to download the transmitter and test for themselves.

How do I start testing?
The most common method is to simply ask questions however note that names or less generic words (anything not included in the wordbank) shouldn’t be possible from the transmitter.

Another favourite method developed by Abyss investigators is to explore Google maps in street view with the transmitter playing in the background. If words related to certain landmarks on screen start to crop up, that’s a good sign something is attempting to communicate (be careful it might be leading you somewhere)

Tip: We’re currently aware Taiwan and possibly Japan are hotspots for Phantom activity.

Phantom Transmitter #01 Technical Specs:
– 1000 Common / Generic Words
– Single words only (no phrases)
– No Occult / Paranormal Bias
– All words are equally weighted (1/1000 Chance for each word)

Please report back to us if you gather any evidence of communication. You can note potential responses, video or even livestream your experiences. Feedback will help us to improve on future versions of our transmitters.


Product Description

Current version: 1.1

A key tool in the paranormal investigation community is a device known as a “spirit box”. This is a hacked radio used in attempts to communicate with ghosts, demons, etc. Using such devices is said to achieve communication by sweeping at high speed though FM (or AM) radio stations. The effect of this radio sweeping is that random phrases spoken live over the radio are picked up and stringed together to form complete sentences.

Often times highly improbable but apparent responses to questions do come through, seemingly suggesting intelligence of some kind is indeed being captured during ghost box sessions.

The Abyss Transmitter however is something a little more advanced, it’s not technically a spirit box and doesn’t sweep radio stations. Instead we use a large word bank of random (common) words for our randomisation. These words are then procedurally sorted using our custom AI system, in effect simulating a traditional ghost.

The theory is that ghosts (& we believe phantoms too) are capable of manipulating audio as it’s output speakers. In theory, our transmitter should receive similar (possibly better) results, it’s also clearer and more reliable than using a radio. Over time news transmitter will be released, this includes hardware devices that might allow spirits to directly input (control) the transmitter.

Transmitter #01 Wordbank List

Investigation into the Abyss is taken very seriously, in order for full transparency we’ve compiled a complete list of all 1000 generic words used in transmitter #01 (included with the download). As you’ll see, there’s no phrases like “we’re going to find you” or overly suggestive words like “satan”.

Please download this at your own risk however, as always, entering the Abyss makes you susceptible to phantoms and other unexplained phenomena.


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