About ImAbyss

Readme: The following information is subject to change. More info will be added later including tutorials, videos and details regarding the technology / game mechanics so stay tuned. Lots of functionality is currently disabled.


Immortal Abyss started out as an investigation into “S2”, a mysterious corporate entity veiled in great secrecy. During this period of time an official team called ‘ImAbyss’ led by “The Source” worked with collaborating investigators to uncover those secrets.

At Least, that was until June 2018 when the official team disappeared without a trace.

Now it’s left to a long time investigator known as AbyssSyndicate and a handful of dedicated independent researchers to take on project. The goal is now to introduce a larger audience to the “fictional story” by turning ImAbyss into an alternative reality game (ARG).

Please be warned however, there’s a lot more to ImAbyss than a web based game. AbyssSyndicate is not responsible for any “symptoms” or unexplainable events that you might experience in real life.

How to Play

The Immortal Abyss global map is dynamic, that means new targets will be added, disappear, move and interact on the map. Locations marked on the map will largely be based on discoveries, claimed territories and detections worth keeping a track of. This means it’s in our best interest to keep an eye on map activity.

Joining a Clan

As a player, your job will be to join an existing (or start your own clan) as you work with fellow members to gather resources, unlock mysteries and even take on opposing clans by claiming territory. Each clan is recommended to cultivate their own private community for recruitment and private discussions, beware however of spies and infiltration attempts!

Alternatively you might wish to work together too, there are no rules in this game.

To establish a clan you can send a Tweet to @AbyssSyndicate or join our official Telegram and make the request.

Testing (Important)

Currently Immortal Abyss is in a testing phase. Small clans are being hand selected to participate in the game and it’s greatly appreciated players share feedback to improve the long term experience.

The current experience is subject to change based on community feedback, suggestions and input. FYI testing will end once the blockchain voting mechanism is live and ready, temporary mechanisms will be put in place for the sake of testing in the time being.

Blockchain Technology (U Network)

An ambition and very unique aspect of Immortal Abyss is the planned integration of U Network (cryptocurrency / platform).
More info about the tech can be here: u.network (Official) and at U Network Hive (Community)

There are three primary reasons for implementing this tech:

  1. Immutability. A major strength of blockchain technology like U Network is the fact it’s very hard to shut down or censor. Essentially this means unlike centralised platforms like Youtube, Reddit and Facebook, decentralised platforms are owned by the user base. During the course of the investigation it’s been discovered that “phantoms” (AI) is altering information and tampering with the investigation. AbyssSyndicate has a theory that adopting a blockchain system will prevent the AI from corrupting the data.
  2. Voting. U Network allows users to vote for content they believe is high quality. Although this platform is more focused towards social media content, we’re adapting the system for use as a game mechanic. Your votes have an impact on how the story is told and the long term dominance of your clan.
  3. Crowdfunding. U Network is also build around a unique mechanic that pays content authors and explorers for upvotes. AbyssSyndicate effectively becomes the author and investigators the explorers. This means by participating in the game casting votes, interacting and completing tasks, all players earn “Sugar” (UUU). This is a type of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and can be exchanged for FIAT money or and of course to earn more influence in game.

Note: Each clan will also be given some starting Sugar (UUU) with the condition it’s used ingame to perform tasks.

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We’ve not got an official Telegram invite for you where you’ll get updates on the project and can discuss the project. ImmortalAbyss Telegram

Also don’t forget to follow the ImAbyss host @AbyssSyndicate on Twitter